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Curriculum vitae and a brief biography

Former president of Svea hovrätt (Svea Court of Appeal), Stockholm, Sweden

Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1942

Bachelor of Law 1967 (Univ. of Uppsala and Stockholm)

Jur. Dr h.c. 2000 (Univ. of Uppsala)

Honorary member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities 2006

Reporting Clerk, Administrative Court of Appeal, 1970–72

Clerk, Stockholm City Court, 1967–69

Reporting Clerk, The Parliament Ombudsman, 1972–75

Deputy Head of Department, National Tax Board, 1975–79

Special Advisor, Ministry of Justice, 1979

Head of Division, The Parliamentary Ombudsman, 1980–84

Under-Secretary for Legal Affairs, Ministry of Labour, 1984–86

Under-Secretary for Legal Affairs, Cabinet Office, 1986–92

Chancellor of Justice, 1992–96

President, Svea Court of Appeal, 1996–2007

Special official assignments e.g.:

Chairman of Statens ansvarsnämnd (The board deciding on disciplinary sanctions against judges of first and second instances and high-ranked civil-servants) 1996-2008

Chairman of the board of the Election Authority, 2002–07

Chairman of Riksdagens Arvodesnämnd (a board deciding on remunerations and transition support for members of Parliament), 2006 – 

Chairman of a preparatory committee on constitutional matters concerning the Judiciary, official report, 1994

Chairman of a Commission on procedures of the assignment of judges of high rank and the role of presidents of courts, 1998–2000

Chairman of the Commission on Sweden and the Tsunami, 2005

Member of the Committee on constitutional reform in Sweden, 2004–2008

Chairman of the Inquiry on regulating the right to damages in the event of violations of the European Convention, 2009–10

Chairman of the Inquiry on transition support for former members of Parliament, 2011–2013

Chairman of the Committe on political information in schools 2014-2016.

Member of the Consultative Council of European Judges within the Council of Europe (CCJE), 2000–05

Substitute member of the Venice Commission (The European Commission for Democracy through Law), 2009 –

Ad hoc judge, European Court of Human Rights, 2010 – 

Other assignments e.g.:

Chairman of the Swedish Board for the Nordic Lawyers General Conferences 1999-2011

Chairman of the Swedish Press Council, 2001–09

Chairman of the Institute for Legal Historical Research, 2003 – 

Chairman of the Institute for Legal Research, 2012 – 

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A commentary on Regeringsformen (the Swedish constitution), in Swedish, 2018, also as in a database version (Karnov-Lexino).

Articles, mostly in Swedish public law, see

Email address:

Telephone: +46 70 5774447

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Johan Hirschfeldt lives in Stockholm and is married to Ingar Beckman, who is former Chief Librarian of the Swedish Library of Talking Books and Braille.

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